harvested bin of red grapes

Exciting 2023 Harvest News

The 2023 harvest at Retzlaff estate is complete and we brought in a great crop that will soon become exceptional wines.  Harvest began a few weeks later this year: the year’s milder summer resulted in slower ripening, so we were able to keep the grapes on the vines for longer “hang time”.  Sort of how slow cooking improves many foods, more hang time not only increases ripening, but it can also bring more interesting flavors to wine grapes. Each day that grape clusters are on the vine, the more the vine’s roots can transmit a little more character to the fruit.  Each day the grapes are in the sun, their skins get a little thicker and the color a little more intense.

We brought the grapes in at the optimal harvest time, and the fermenting juice truly smells like grandma’s berry pie. Whether you like our Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet, Rose, or Cab/Merlot Blend, the 2023 vintage will be mouthwatering.

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