About Retzlaff Vineyards

A Family Operation

Retzlaff Vineyards is a family-run winery in the Livermore Valley, producing award-winning wines made from grapes grown on their California Certified Organic farm. Great effort and care go into every step of the growing and harvesting process without any chemical interventions.

The late Gloria Retzlaff Taylor used to say “It truly is a labor of love and a love of labor at Retzlaff”, and you can see this through the committed work the Taylor family puts into our wine business and home. Brother’s Noah and Aaron each take on roles in the winemaking and operations of the vineyard, and their children are often milling about lending a hand as well. 40+ years of hands-on work with the estate-grown organic grapes have given the family a deep understanding of each block’s characteristics, which results in the unique, creative, and homey expressions of our wines. Isabelle’s Blush rosé and Annette’s Crush red blend are results of this, made and named after Bob Taylor’s granddaughters. Salomé Taylor has also maintained a thriving organic garden on the property, which nourishes the family and later the grapes when it is composted into the vineyard at the end of each summer season. 

The Retzlaff Story

This short video highlights what goes into Retzlaff Vineyards and our fine wines.

Sharing our origin and philosophies behind making our exceptional wines.

We are dedicated to living a sustainable lifestyle at Retzlaff to honor Gloria’s vision of a balanced land and community. It’s common to see neighbors and employees picking tomatoes from the garden, or community members working hard with the family during the busy harvest season. We put passion into our wines from start to finish, and value sharing those wines and our organic practices with you. It is part of our duty to educate, conserve, and sustain the future, so please come by, take a tour of our vineyard and gardens, and enjoy our fresh wines.  Listen to the honeybees, smell a rose, and relax in the lush, organic paradise of Retzlaff Vineyards.

Retzlaff Vineyards

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Retzlaff Vineyards

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